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Welcome to our Web site!

Our Farm is a work in progress.

A little about us.

Hello my name is  Ross and I live in Gore's Landing, Ontario, Canada with my wife Carmen and our critters.

We have a lovely place overlooking Rice Lake.

It is an old farm with lots of work. More work than I have time for as I am an old retired geezer who doesn't move as fast as I once did.

Lucky Carmen gets to work in Toronto still as she is so much younger than me. But when she gets home she still has lots of energy left to help out with the work around the place. We are slowly making progress with the place. Carmen has a lot of great ideas that have made the place look so much better.

All the little furry critters go nuts when she get home, like right now I can hear them all barking like crazy. Once she gets to the door the puppies will go nuts too.

We love gardening and renovating and just enjoying out little bit of heaven on earth.

We are about 15 minutes North of both Port Hope and Cobourg and about a half hour South of Peterborough.

East of Toronto about 100 k but no way of estimating time as it can be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 5.1 hours depending of traffic and weather.





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Cell: 416-708-5019


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